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I have sold a property for Rs 1. I am 65 years old. please watch my all previous videos of mutual fund, IPO, share. · FYis especially a good year to invest in equity after the market crash. · How to invest Rs 30 lakh today to be able to redeem Rs 10 lakh per year in the next 4 years? Alternatively: 1.

See more results. · i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest By investing Rs 500 a month for 20 years in an investment giving, say, 10% annual return, you can get Rs 3. So, you will be liable for a much lower tax as compared to a fixed deposit (FD). Please tell me where to invest. Planning to invest Rs 5-10 lakh? What is the maturity of investing in Rs 500? If you have a high risk appetite, make lump sum investments in equity funds like HDFC Top 100, Axis.

· Or this – Pay Rs 1 lakh for 5 years and get Rs 10 lakh at the end of 15 years! Since both of us working on our own business, where the income varies depending on the project and time i am looking for a side income without having to venturing into a new. Step 2: When the person is ready to invest money, he finds that the equity market is overvalued. 7 lakh as the maturity amount. If you have a high risk appetite, make lump sum investments in equity funds like HDFC Top 100, Axis Bluechip and SBI Bluechip Fund. By investing Rs 500 a month (Rs 500 X 12 = Rs 6000 a year), at the end of 15 years you can get Rs 1. Investors can invest minimum Rs 500 in one financial year and can get the facilities such as loan, withdrawal, and extension of account.

Monthly Income Scheme comes in handy i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest if you are looking for a way that gives you a i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest constant income on monthly basis. Can hybrid aggressive funds invest in large, mid and small cap. If this is going to be your primary income source post-retirement, then you should consider investing up to the maximum permissible limit under SCSS (Rs 15 lakh) and POMIS (Rs 4. 8% per annum, which is payable monthly. If you want, you can extend it even further. com replies: Divide the Rs 6 lakh into smaller lump sum investments for better rupee cost averaging. 5-7% from the selected fund (around Rs 5,000 per month).

10 Lakhs in lump in a liquid fund. After reviewing the performance of mutual funds for the past three years, I find that many funds have given returns lower than even FD interest. This investment figure keeps on going up annually for the rest of the duration. You can invest some amount and start this service on your own or hire a third party to provide you with these services. I was thinking of fixed deposit in ICICI then I read your forum and got to know about quantum liquid funds. what are some good investment options to get returns upto 15 thousand rupees a month? A fixed deposit (FD) is an investment plan provided by banks or NBFCs which provides investors with a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account, until the given maturity date. If yes then whole amount I should invest or partly for six months.

If you are going to start this business in one lakh rupees, you will have to pay someone for the ride. i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest So do consider your asset allocation and your financial goals before rushing to invest Rs 1. Given Rs 10 lakh, he would invest 70 per cent of this in equities and 30 per cent in debt.

Dependent wife (55 years). 5 lakh in the first days of the new financial year. by Chirag i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest Agrawal. · I am 30 years old.

· This video is all about invest 1 lakh rupee in easy way. · Invest the remaining Rs 10 lakh in a dynamic asset allocation or balanced advantage fund. · I have Rs. 5) Distribution of newspaper and magazines Although this might look like a low earning business based on the cost of the newspaper, the fact is that the commission for distribution can be as. Are you looking for some profitable business ideas under 2 lakhs investment which you can start in India? 50 lakh, you may be wondering how to put it to best use. There are many methods but I represent the easy and best way to invest.

5 lakhs for maximum and secured returns will be in fixed deposit. I am an architect, running my own practice with my husband. Here are some options for Robinhood investors A 25-year-old investor can allocate a higher percentage (30-40 percent) of their income as they will usually have.

By the end of the first year, you would have invested a total i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest of Rs 2. So any amount earmarked for PPF can be invested into equity if your portfolio has the necessary room for it. · In which mutual fund can I invest for short term period. My horizon is five years.

Rs 40 lakh in a fixed deposit and Rs 20 lakh in a PPF account. What is common in 5-year bank FD, PO 5-year time deposit, NSC. i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest And just like Radhika, Chadha finds international investing attractive at present; half of his equity. My father and mother passed away last year. I have a moderate risk profile. · If you have Rs2 lakh to invest, your bank may roll i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest out a red carpet, your stock broker may inundate you with hot tips and the neighbourhood jeweller may even offer a discount on making charges. Adhil Shetty CEO, Bankbazaar.

), he gives a mandate to the mutual fund to systematically redeem his units (say worth Rs. Saving money throughout professional life is one thing, and investing it in a beneficial and risk-averse avenue is another. Is it really beneficial to invest money in it rather then fixed deposit. 5 lakh per month through SIPs. Hence he decides to invest Rs. · I have Rs 5-10 lakh to invest and want 10-12% returns. I have around 7 lakh rupees which I would like to invest and I want to inquire what options I have other than fixed deposits or those that are based on interest. · Hi.

I would like to invest Rs 30 lakh in mutual funds. Pradip Kumar Chatterjee. · Let us look at each one of them and see which is a better option to invest Rs 1. The best way to invest Rs. If you have about Rs 1 to Rs 5 lakhs, here are a few places. Start investing an additional Rs 22,000 every month.

You can invest amount of INR 1,500 to INR 4,50,000 in a single holding account and INR 9,00,000 in joint holding account. Related News DCB Bank cuts benchmark one-year MCLR by 0. If your risk appetite is low, consider Systematic Transfer Plans (STP).

I am not looking for anything that gives you interest. Desh-Duniya Top 20: Watch top 20 news stories of the day Desh-Duniya Top 20: Watch top 20 news stories of the day Desh-Duniya Top 20: Watch top 20 news stories of the day Desh-Duniya Top 20: Watch. If your answer is yes then read this article till the very end. The second way to invest your 1 lakh rupees could be Monthly Income Scheme.

How can I invest Rs 10 Lakhs. The equity element i have 5 lakh rupees where to invest offered by these funds will help your invested corpus grow over a longer period of time. But want to invest 1/3rd of the corpus in high risk investments. How to invest 1 lakh rupees?

There are several guaranteed return life insurance plans with a varying structure providing a guaranteed income to. Your investment in this will be 15 lakhs, but there will be a benefit of about 6 lakh rupees in the form of interest. From April, the interest rate on POMIS is 7. I want to invest the money for a long term. · So, 6 per cent of Rs 40 lakh is the only amount that you should withdraw. How to invest 22,000 lakhs per month? I got Rs 20 lakh through insurance, settlement and PF.

And there are different ways of configuring this Rs 40 lakh. If you’ve saved up a good amount from your earnings and income, say a total of Rs. Do you want to invest 1 – 2 lakhs Rupess in Business? Increase the amount you save by 15% every year, so the investment amount changes to Rs 25,300 per month from the second year.

Start with Rs 5 Lakhs (the amount you have right now) 2. · 21 lakhs to be matured in 5 years For example, if you invest Rs 15 lakh in the beginning then you will get an amount of Rs 20. We have crafted some very profitable businesses that you can start with very small capital. -Ramkumar Hope you have your basic financial planning done. 5 lakh under section 80C for saving tax.

Step 3: But as liquid funds can yield only low returns (5. So, this scheme is appropriate for a conservative investor. 25,000 per month) from liquid. · I have total 1 lakh rupees and want to save it. · Investing for a little more than three years in a short-duration-bond fund is desirable, as your return will be indexed. They are safe and give good return to your investment.

85 lakh after 5 years at the interest rate of 6. Can you please show the calculation method for selecting top consistent performing funds. · Apart from the 80C limit of Rs 1. 8 lakh at the end of the term.

· In this busy life, people try to reduce work at home, hence this could be one of the best small business ideas to start with a low investment of Rs 1 Lakh. by Dr. What are the best investments for rupee? by Abhishek Shah. · Till date I have only saved through FDs, some of which will mature between June and March, fetching me Rs 2. · I also want to invest Rs 1. · Grow Your Savings From 1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs in 6 Years J Paisabazaar Mutual Funds We live in an age of sky rocketing prices for not only big-ticket items like cars and homes but even basic necessities such as food and clothing. I have Rs 30 lakh in an FD that will mature in.

Once you get a pick of this business, you can buy your own first vehicle. invest in instalments You should invest Rs 5 lakh in a floating rate debt fund and go in for a systematic transfer plan (STP) that shifts a predefined amount into a good equity fund every month. I want to use the above cash of around Rs 3 crore to generate a monthly assured income of at least Rs 2 lakh for 10 years. How should I invest this money for 5 years? 5 lakh, benefits up to Rs 50,000 may be availed u/s 80CCD (1B) by making voluntary contribution to National Pension System (NPS) Tier-1 account or to Atal Pension.

It is very popular way to invest your money hence everybody is familiar with it. Initiate a systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) of not more than 6. For investing a lumpsum amount ₹1 Lakh over 5 years, which is a long-term investment plan, large cap funds are best option. Last month I opened another FD for Rs 55 lakh. It is low risk investment scheme, having a term of 5 years.

To achieve Rs 1 Crore in 10 years, you will have to start with more than Rs 5 Lakhs, approximately Rs 33 Lakhs! 1 day ago · Know in this episode of Mutual Fund Helpline with Swati: Where to invest to earn Rs 20 Lakhs in 5 yrs? Stock markets have fallen around 5 per cent since from recent peaks, gold is at a new yearly high and interest rates are moving higher. If the Rs 30 lakhs to be invested requires liquidating your fixed deposit, be mindful of any penalty charges and tax implications, if applicable.

I have 5 lakh rupees where to invest

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